That's Donna Knott in a 1995 People Magazine issue wearing one of Liberace's original costumes she bought at his estate auction in the 90s. Dig that pink leather and rhinestone suit with a mod print shirt and pink platforms with sequined bows!

The story was about how the Hollywood Movie industry sourced her company Hullabaloo co-owned by Dana Hunsche, that formed in1982. Hullabaloo provided wardrobe for more than 400 Hollywood movies, many of them blockbusters. John Waters' Hairspray was the first film that bought mega quantities of vintage which was particularly interesting to Donna as she claimed to have built Hullabaloo on her "bad " taste!

Hullabaloo had a showroom in Tokyo and did many trade shows wholesaling to customers around the globe. They specialized in NEVER WORN vintage sometimes referred to as Deadstock in the industry. Period vintage with the tags still attached is still a love of Donna's.

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